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Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Перекись водорода 50% , CPP’s Hydrogen Peroxide 50% is one of the strongest oxidizers. Hydrogen Peroxide is a colorless liquid, can be mixed with water in any ratio, and is soluble in ether and alcohol. It has a high dielectric coefficient, closer to that of water, and when it does not act like an oxidizer, it is a good ionizable solvent against salts. Being unstable, it decomposes spontaneously in water and oxygen, the rate being affected by some elements as light, heat, catalysts, etc.

Chemical Name:         Molecular formula: H2O2

No. CAS:                      7722-84-1

Abbreviation:              Hydrogen Peroxide

Main Applications:

Bleaching agent in textile industry

Drinking and waste water treatment

Detergents, pulp and paper industries

Synthesis in chemical industry

Metallurgy and mining industry

Oil refining

Environmental protection

Shipping Information:

AISI 316 L (W1.4571) stainless steel or minimum 99.5% purity aluminum railway or road tankers provided with warning signs, or in polyethylene cans provided with outlet valves.


Hydrogen peroxide should be stored only after it has been stabilized in containers provided with venting.

The storage should be done in a cold, well-vented area, far from inconsistent substances and heat sources. Storage should be done in glass, aluminum, high-density polyethylene, and stainless steel 304 L and 316 L containers, provided with cover with valve. Polypropylene is not to be accepted as a material to come in contact with H2O2.

Containers used for the storage and transportation of the hydrogen peroxide are only exclusively to be used for this product. Containers filled with hydrogen peroxide in any concentration should not be stored on wooden pallets.

The product should be kept away from contact with organic or mechanic impurities, because they promote decomposition.

Safety Consideration:

Please refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) offering customers help to better satisfy their particular handling, safety and disposal needs and those that may be required by locally applicable health and safety regulations.


Carrier vehicles used for the transportations of canisters should have the floor well wetted.

It is not recommended that you should transport the product with other chemical or flammable products.

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