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Magnesium Chloride

Хлорид магния , Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in your body, as it’s used by nearly every cell and organ, especially your heart, muscles and kidneys. If you’re struggling to get enough magnesium from the foods you eat, then you may turn to magnesium supplements to make up for your deficiency. 

One of the most popular forms of magnesium supplement in the market is magnesium chloride. In fact, it’s even known as the “master magnesium compound” since it’s said to be highly potent and effective.1 Read on to find out more about the benefits and uses of this supplement and whether it’s indeed the best form of magnesium for your health. 

Magnesium chloride is a naturally occurring inorganic compound that’s composed of one magnesium and two chloride ions.2 It’s usually extracted from places with high salt content, like the Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea. 

This compound comes in anhydrous and multiple hydrated crystal forms, with the latter one being more readily available. The multiple hydrated crystal type of magnesium chloride is referred to as magnesium chloride hexahydrate, which is produced through an evaporation process and typically sold as magnesium flakes for bath and foot soaks.

Magnesium chloride was first used for medicinal application during the World War I, when a French surgeon named Pierre Delbet made use of it as an antiseptic. Today, this compound is more commonly used as a supplement to prevent mineral deficiency and promote better overall health.

Magnesium chloride supplement contains only 12 percent elemental magnesium, which may seem low compared to other forms of this mineral, such as magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate. However, it’s actually better absorbed by the body than some of the other magnesium supplements because of its low stability constant, which allows it to be completely ionized across a wide range of pH levels. Its formula also gives it the capability to help improve hydrochloric acid production in the stomach.


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