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Nitrocellulose | Нитроцеллюло́за 

Nitrocellulose, also called cellulose nitrate, a mixture of nitric esters of cellulose, and a highly flammable compound that is the main ingredient of modern gunpowder and is also employed in certain lacquers and paints. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries it was the basis of the earliest man-made fibres and plastic materials.

Type A:

It is used in producing inks, colors, polishers and polisher lacquers etc.

Type E:

This product is used in producing producing protective covers for polished metal surfaces, glues, pencil inks and finishing lacqures.

Granular NC ispacked in laminate Bags and alcohol NC packed in fiber drums.

Hazard Class: 4.1

UN No.: 2557

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