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Slow Release Urea

Slow Release Urea for cattle is a coated urea supplement for high producing dairy cows. It is a non-protein nitrogen source that is gradually distributed in the rumen over time. This way it is possible to supply your herd with a cost effective feed grade urea. Also, it is an environment-friendly source of nitrogen!

It is vital to use a slow release urea for cattle health. Direct release, such as with pure urea, would deregulate the rumen’s pH of your dairy cows. With our sustainable NPN-SR, we offer partial nitrogen substitutes that are both economically feasible and environmental-friendly.

During frost or rapid temperature changes, most products on the market show tearing of the coating. When most coatings are exposed to cold, they will start to crack. This decreases stability, which results in a more rapid release of urea into the rumen. This in turn decreases the ruminal pH, which is detrimental to the microbes in the rumen and thus the dairy cow.

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