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Ibex 2018

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Ibex 2017


The Tehran Flour and Bread Industry Exhibition will be held in Tehran, Iran from 23 to 26 November 2017. Tehran's Flour and Bread Industry Exhibition is one of the biggest events in Iran due to the importance of bread in people's lives. A country with a population of nearly 80 million and consumption of 164 kg per year cannot stop trying to improve the quality of bread and related industries. The Bread and Flour Exhibition of Iran will be held with such a prospect in order to make the activities related to the production and sale of flour and bread fields standard. Improve the   bread-making standards and become independent and self-sufficient in the field of bread and bread making machines. The Tehran Bread exhibition is a great place for the presence of indigenous and international companies to showcase their successes and innovations in bread and pastry and flour.

Exhibits at the exhibition:

• Manufacturers and traders of machinery and other bread and flour equipment

• manufacturers and traders of machinery and other bakery equipment and confectionery

• Producers and sellers of industrial breads

• Flour producers

• Barn and silos producers

• Bakery yeast producers

• Bakery Enzymes Manufacturers

• Bakery consultants

• Laboratory equipment manufacturers

• Packing machinery manufacturers

• Tenors, ovens and other bakery equipment manufacturers

• Laboratory and measuring equipment

• Unions, industries and related organizations

• Media and related news agencies

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