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Iran Agrofood 2018

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| یکشنبه 14 مرداد 1397 در ساعت 16 : 26 دقیقه | Users comments ( 0 )

Iran Agrofood Exhibition is the biggest international Food, Food Technology & Agricultural event in in the Middle East. Given the significant role of international exhibitions in exchanging Technical-Commercial information between researchers and practitioners and expanding exports, Iran International Exhibition of Agriculture, food, machinery and equipment, known as Agrofood, will be held in Tehran annually.

In order to make the exhibition environment more professional and to benefit participants and visitors as much as possible, this event will be held in 3 specialized sections with the participation of domestic and foreign participants as follows:

Iran Food which includes: protein industries (Various kinds of meat products, canned meat, canned fish and all kinds of dairy products(, Types of dried fruits, saffron, dates, varieties of dried and aromatic vegetables, herbal distillates, spices and seasonings, carbonated beverages, , mineral water, oily products (vegetable and animal oils)

Iran Agro: Agriculture and related industries and related machinery and equipment, agricultural components (fertilizers, pesticides, additives, ...) irrigation systems, greenhouses and... .

Iran Agro food: in this section all the Packaging machines, weighing and filling machines, Flour mills, Canned and confectionery machines, Machinery for oil industry, Types of disposable dishes, Packaging (Types of disposable dishes , bottles and bottle lids, labels, boxes etc.) Ready to render services.

29th Jun to 2nd Jul 2018 the exhibition will be held at the International Permanent Fairground.

Chemi Pakhsh Paykan is proud to be the host of you.

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