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In the third millennium, every activity is an event, and exhibitions are one of the side events of events. Therefore, the word EXPO, which we previously translated into an exhibition, is now more than an exhibition and is considered a place for change; in other words, today's exhibitions are both developmental and evolving.In the current century, the EXPO translation is "a space for growth and promotion, by establishing interdisciplinary communication and focusing on specialized interactions."

Today, we are dealing with many health crises, and irrational consumption of medication is one of the most important ones that causes irreversible complications. All of this is just about the field of culture and media and, given the high cost of advertising, the best practices, promotional and educational activities in prestigious exhibitions.

Business opportunities

By focusing on the "event" instead of using the word "exhibition" in the traditional sense, IranFarma exhibition seeks to discover new markets for the export of medicines, while introducing domestic capabilities and the latest achievements of the industry. Undoubtedly, when the domestic market is saturated with domestic production and the country's production capacity is twice as high as demand, exports are the only way to survive as the most strategic industrialized country in the country.

human resources

Currently, the number of graduates in the field of pharmacy is expanding and the number of articles published in this field is significantly higher than other areas. This necessitates the provision of employment opportunities for young drug pharmacists in the industry and the maximum productivity of these forces in the industry; in this regard, Iran Pharma, as a scientific and cultural event, has made it possible.

This exhibition will be held on 24th to 26th September Imam Khomeini's Mosalla. Chemi Pakhsh Paykan is proud to be the host of you in hall D NO. D190

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