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Iran Plast Exhibition

Iran Plast Exhibition aims to provide a platform for the prosperity of the Iranian plastics industry and facilitate the global marketing process and the presence of this sector of the Iranian industry in global markets. Nowadays, Iran Plats is the largest plastic industry exhibition in the Middle East and classified among the world's leading plastics industry exhibitions. Till now number of exhibitors increased to 760 domestic and foreign companies. This year, the International Plast International Exhibition will be held in four main sections: finished products; semi-manufactured goods; machinery & equipment and services.

Raw materials: Various kinds of polymer alloys - Polystyrene - Ethylene and polyethylene - Types of polyamides - Types of master batches - Polypropylene - PbT alloys - Copolymers - Polyurethane - PVC - Elastomers - Types Resins - Powder and Granular types - Molding compounds - Lubricants - Stabilizers - Stearates - Raw materials for plastics industry - Pigments - Fillers - Adhesives - Synthetic fibers - Detergents - Raw materials for related industries

Finished product and Semi-manufactured goods: All types of PVC products, UPS and PVC - Shrink, film and sheet - Variety of packaging products - Tapes, ropes and yarns - Various types of PET bottles of household and industrial utensils - Profiles Rubber and silicone products - Industrial rubber parts - Fibers - Molds - Types of coatings - Fiberglass products - Various tanks and barrels - Pallets and boxes

Machines and equipment: Mixer rollers - Grinders and mills - Filtering - Composting and recycling lines - Various industrial furnaces - Machines and lines for extruding - Machines for molding, casting and injection - Types of presses - Filling machines - Cutting and bending machines - Types of printing machines - Plastic welding machines - Process control instruments, temperature control, pressure control and other control devices, measuring and testing equipment - Material handling equipment - Automation and robotic equipment - Shrink packing machines and other packaging machinery and equipment

Services: Journals - Software and information systems - Technical and engineering services - Packaging services - Transportation services - Design services - Laboratory services - Consulting services - Research and software services - Contractor Services.

24 to 27 September 2018, the exhibition will be held in Tehran Int’ Permanent Fairgrounds.

Chemi Pakhsh Paykan is proud to be the host of you.

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