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The International Exhibition of Edible Oils, Oilseeds, Products, Industries and Related Machinery will be held in Tehran, Iran, from 22nd   November till 25th, 2017. International Exhibition of Oils, Oilseeds, Products, Industries and Machinery Related to the increase in population and lifestyle changes increase the consumption of edible oil, which means that the market is growing at a high rate of profitability. . Looking at the statistics and the special attention of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to increasing the production of oilseeds, as well as equipping all sectors of production of these products to the latest machinery, technology and science of the day, and also the need for investment in this field. Our beloved Iran is a local area suitable for providing services, technology, equipment, machinery and new ideas. This important issue has been facilitated by the participation of various foreign and Iranian companies in the exhibition and holding conferences and meetings is the perfect platform for meeting businessmen, factories, managers of organizations and public and private companies, activists in this field, investors, academics and ideas. And exchanges of thoughts. We hope that in line with the Islamic Republic of Iran's trade policies, in order to promote the quality of this large industry, as well as the need to strengthen agricultural unions and associations to manage the production and marketing of agricultural products with the support of relevant organizations in the country as well as the presence of prestigious domestic and Foreigners at the exhibition have taken an effective step in serving the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The effects and benefits of participating in the Edible Oil Oils Exhibition:

• Iran has more than 4 percent GDP (gross domestic product) and a population of over 80 million is a good marketplace for selling and delivering services.

• Increasing population and lifestyle changes will increase the consumption of edible oil, which means that in this growing market, the rate of profit is very high.

• Looking at the statistics we are talking about, Iran has a good opportunity to provide services and equipment for edible oils and oily seeds for foreign companies and domestic producers.

• This will be facilitated by the presence of companies at the exhibition and will provide conferences and meetings for meetings between business and exchange of ideas.

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