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The International Paint, Resin, Coating, Composites And Plating Industries Fair 2019

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| پنجشنبه 11 مرداد 1397 در ساعت 12 : 17 دقیقه | Users comments ( 0 )

The International Paint, Resin, Coatings, Composites and Plating Industries fair “IPCC” is by far the biggest coating exhibition in the Middle East. Over the 15th periods, IPCC has always been the core attention of the most active stakeholders in the field and introduced the latest achievements to bring its products and innovations to the Middle East. Given Iran’s unique geopolitical position, and its growing economic context, the country has a special need for paint, resins, and industrial coatings products. At IPCC, you can see a variety of products with different prices and qualities, and choose the best option according to the desired requirement.

IPCC as the leading coating exhibition in the region opens up to general public, especially the merchants and manufacturers and relevant specialists. During this period, more than 500 participants from 33 different countries gather in a NET covered area of 40000 square meter to capture the country's potential of paint, resin and industrial coatings use.

IPCC as the largest exhibition in the industry cover many sub industries, such as: surface coatings, various types of paints, various types of chemical resins and raw materials (all types of resins, pigments, tiners, solvents, additives, anti-corrosion inhibitors and anti-corrosion chemicals), composite materials and coatings manufacturers, composite components, paint and varnish coatings, laboratory equipment, nano coatings and industrial adhesives.

The exhibition will be held at the International Permanent Fairground. 

Chemi Pakhsh Paykan is proud to be the host of you in hall 7th.


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