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The exhibition of cattle, poultry and dairy products will be held in Tehran, Iran from 6 to 9 September 2018. The exhibition of cattle, poultry and dairy products in Tehran with the presence of manufacturers, importers, specialists and economic activists of this industry is one of the most important business events in the region. The exhibition has always been considered as a platform for introducing new goods and products, creating opportunities for interacting with manufacturers, traders and industry professionals, getting to know the latest achievements, creating opportunities for negotiating and contracting jobs, and always contributing to this. Participate to this economical and advertising phenomena, can provide more productive feedback to the participants.

 Available statistics on the increase in the number of participants in the interior and exterior of the exhibition and the increase in the area of ​​the exhibition space of cattle, poultry, dairy products of Tehran, indicate the efforts of the organizers of the event during several years of the exhibition. The exhibition is dedicated to the transfer and exchange of knowledge and technology between cattle and poultry industry activists in Iran and other advanced countries. Attending the exhibition is an opportunity to meet with a wide range of forum managers and associations, senior officials, experts, investors, breeders of cattle’s and poultry farms, distributors and suppliers of industrial equipment, food industries, companies Pharmaceuticals and vaccines from inside and outside of Iran. On the other hand, the transfer and exchange of knowledge and technology among cattle and poultry industry activists in Iran and other advanced countries, and familiarity with the latest scientific and research achievements in this industry, is an important step towards promotion. Iran's Animal and Veterinary Economics. Introducing the achievements, capabilities of corporations, institutions and organizations, knowledge transfer, technology and experiences. Familiarizing with successful global cattle and poultry and dairy products, provide the necessary background for the investment of domestic and foreign companies.

Commodity Groups International Exhibition of cattle, Poultry, Dairy Products Tehran 96:

edibles: Producer of animal feed and poultry - Fish powder - Production of various types of concentrates - Mineral shell production - Fish powder production - Animal feed additives - Production of special fat powder for animal feed and poultry Processing of oilseeds - Production of ready-to-eat feed poultry - Production and distribution of additives and micronutrients - Production of micronized minerals and calcium carbonate - Corn production of soybeans, wheat and barley

Pharmaceuticals: Production of medicines and nutritional inputs - Production of veterinary vaccines and bio-materials - Production of animal serums - Therapeutic preparations - Production of food supplements and therapeutics - Production of detergents and disinfectants and hygiene products - Production of livestock bricks  Production of injectable solutions - Supplies Disposable products - Production of veterinary products - Production of fatty acids and herbal oils 

Equipment: cattle and poultry equipment - Hatching and poultry equipment Slaughterhouse machinery and equipment - Equipment and installations for raising livestock and poultry - Equipment, plant and machinery for the production of dairy industry - Equipment for milking and disinfection - Packing machines -Refrigerating and cooling systems - Ventilation systems - Heating and cooling systems  Weighing systems - Machinery for transporting cattle products - Laboratory equipment

Dairy Products: Milk and Dairy Manufacturers - Dairy Machines and Equipment  Raw Materials, Essences and Additives - Laboratory Equipment and Equipment  Printing and Packaging Machinery - Dairy Engineering Technical Services

Chemi pakhsh paykan is proud to be the host of you.

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