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Tabriz International Leather Products & Equipments Exhibition 2017

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International Leather Industry Exhibition of Tabriz

Tabriz leather industry is a great opportunity for factories, workshops and foreign companies to present their latest achievements, potentials and capabilities. Fundamental features of the exhibitions are to find opportunities in new markets; offer the potential and capabilities of the tobacco industry; show the latest developments and achievements in scientific, technical, industrial and outdoor areas and provide the perfect platform for demonstrating the latest technology.

Significant reasons of this year exhibition:

Leather is one of the world's luxury goods and still well-reputed brands with big names are using leather for their production. Today Iran is among the three main countries producing and exporting of semi-fabricated skin and considered to be one of the largest suppliers of the leather tanning industry in the world.

Various goods in bags and shoes sections:

Bags, shoes and allied products including women and men purses; various leather shoes for men and women, different kinds of  machineries; layered leather; cow leather; ewe leather; goat leather; and etc.

26 to 29 July, 2017 the exhibition will be held at Tabriz International Permanent Fairground.

Chemi Pakhsh Paykan is proud to be the host of you in Amir Kabir Hall.

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